In two flavours

We hide our unique truffle cream made with Terfezia honey truffle, into highest quality Belgian chocolate with 70% cocoa ingredient. We offer 5 pieces of hand-dipped unique Hungarian chocolates in a slider box convertible to small offering-table in a basic truffle flavour and one with added Pálinka as well. You might have unique taste and unforgettable culinary experience just with one bite in high designed packaging.

Special Culinary experience

Our Terfezia praline desserts, made with craftsmanship methodology and hand-made dipping, with an uninterpolated crunching of dark chocolate throwing all of our sensory organs into fever, release the truffle flavour orgies in the real sense of word

More for less money!

Orders over 1 kg can be required in loose form. Even you can order the pralines in a one by one packaging.

With your logo

We can provide you special packaging appearance. Your greeting card, logo can be placed in the box, on the box or under cellophane packaging for your request and based on discussion.

Request our offer today!

In case of corporate, catering otder or if you order in loose, in bigger quantity plese contact us via email. Delivery time generally 2 weeks, but we have negitiate the orders over 100 boxes a week, due to our limited handcrafted manufacturing.

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We are sure that your company will be our partner in the near future for our mutual delight and benefit.

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