The Terfezia is a Latin word, the denomination of a kind of truffle. In the ancient Rome, on Bacchanalias and the Culinary events as the famous fine feasts of Luccullus, the most desired delicacy and afrodiziacum was the Phoenician, white, sweet truffle.

Trireme, Roman wargalley

The shipments of Terfezia from Near East and North-Africa to Ostia, the port of Rome were under surveillance of military galleys as the other highly precious goods demanded also. The Terfezia, the kind of ambrosia of Gods, chanted by antique bards and poets have disappeared from the menu cards with the extinct Roman Empire and with the change of climate.

Still You can taste Terfezia, the delicacy of Roman Emperors and Patricians of high rank, because it is a unique Hungarian good.

Sweet Hungarian Truffle, Honey Truffle, Sweet Sandy Truffle (Mattirolomyces Terfezioides, Tefezia Terfeziodes)

The relative truffle of the antique delicate Terfezia, or itself the original ambrosia of Gods can be found in the area antique province of Rome, Pannonia, in current Hungary. The common name sweet Hungarian truffle, honey truffle. The latin name is Mattirolomyces, Terfezioides or Terfezia Terfeziodes. The former Moroccan and Near East regions that one bore sweet Terfezia have since destroyed due to logging and desertification. Terfezia today is almost exclusively found in special endowments in Carpathian Basin.

The story that how could get to the current territory will be our next tale.